Car Operating Panel

Swing Panel Illustration

Swing Panel Illstration

Car Stations
All MEI COP designs include removable flush-mounted plates for the Capacity/No Smoking signs and the Phase II Fire Instructions. This feature makes wording changes convenient and inexpensive.

VMI Digital Position Indicator
Each VMI PI is equipped with two alphanumeric characters. The VMI PI is field-programmable.

Emergency Light

Capacity/No Smoking Plate
This is a stud-mounted removable plate with laser-cut joints and etched signage.

Phase II Fire Instructions
This is a stud-mounted plate with laser-cut joints and engraved signage.

Key Switches
All Standard key switches are included. Additional key switches for unique circumstances are also available.

Factory Wired COP
All key switch and pushbutton modules can be wired into a terminal strip in our factory. Fastening points are clearly identified.

Buttons With Braille
All required pushbuttons are included with the corresponding Braille.

Push to Talk Phone
The ADA hands-free phone includes battery backup.


Available Designs

Swing PanelSwing Panel
Size: 13″ W x 84″ H

Applied Applied
 Size: 10″ W x 65 1/2” H

 Full Swing Return

                              Full Swing Return
                                Size: Varies by cab

Tilt - Size: 10" W x 84" H
Tilt - Lifts off the bottom hinge
Tilt - Easy service access
Size: 10″ W x 84″ H
Lifts off the bottom hinge
Easy service access


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