Pit Equipment & Car Top Station

Pit Ladders Platform Width
  Part No.    Part Description
22819         Ladder Pit Assembly 8′ -0″ Tall w/Brackets & Fasteners
22815         Ladder Pit Assembly 10′ -0″ Tall w/Brackets & Fasteners
22816         Ladder Pit Assembly 12′ -0″ Tall w/Brackets & Fasteners 


Signal Device Platform Depth
  Part No.    Part Description
 3082         Signal Device Alarm Bell 6V DC 6″ 
 5035         Signal Device Alarm Bell 120V DC 6″ 
 18851         Signal Device Alarm Bell 12V DC 6″ 
 18678         Signal Device Buzzer 30-120V Warble Adams  
 4360         Signal Device Buzzer 30/120V AC/DC Warble Adams  
 4359         Signal Device Buzzer 41/100V A-926B 
 18343         Signal Device Chime 20/40V Adams 
 18278         Signal Device Chime Impulse Dover 9775717 
 4426         Signal Device Chime Two Stroke 40-125V AC/DC Adams 
 4859         Signal Device Gong 115V AC Parallel Hall Lantern  
 4858         Signal Device Gong Hall Lantern 25-Watt AC/DC M6452-3A


Pit Switch Options Hoistway Width
  Part No.    Part Description
16055         Pit Switch PS4-Push/Pull  
3095         Pit Switch Run/Stop 20 Amp 250 VAC #PS2 


Under Car Light Hoistway Depth
  Part No.    Part Description
11359        Lamp Holder with GFI Outlet Under Car Light 120V


Car Top Station See Entrance Details for Rough Openings
  Part No.    Part Description
 22841        Dupar Car Top Station 
 3022        Nylube Car Top Station            


Spring Buffer Stands
  Part No.    Part Description
 N/A        Call MEI for survey form. 1 1/2” – 4 1/4” stroke available.    


Oil Buffer Stands  
Part No. Part Description
N/A       Call MEI for survey form. Stands available to sit below oil
   buffers to achieve correct runby.


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