Power Unit Accessories

Power Unit Accessories

  Item            Part No.   Description
A 5448         Low Oil Level Switch (in tank)
B 12642        Low Pressure Switch
(required if jack head is above power unit)
C 1889        Tank Heater
D 4844        Pressure Gauge – 600 PSI
(mounted on control valve)
E 1655        Oil Level Sight Gauge with Thermometer
(on tank)
F 13639        Vent / Fill Strainer
G 19475        Thermostat
H 22048-001        Loadweigh Switch PSW-807 (130 – 500 PSI)
H 22048-002        Loadweigh Switch PSW-808 (250 – 600 PSI)
I See Product Catalog        1972  – Item H with 2″ GRV Pipe
21877 - Item H with 2″ THD Pipe
I See Product Catalog        1974 - Item H with 3″ GRV Pipe 
 21838 - Item H with 3″ THD Pipe
I See Product Catalog        1976 - Item H with 4″ GRV Pipe


Power Unit Accessories

Item Part No.     Description
J 19709     Frame to Floor Isolation
K 10248     Oil Cooler – AOC
(see page 52 of the MEI Product Catalog for more information)
L 20856     Oil Cooler – BOL
(see page 53 of the MEI Product Catalog for more information)
M 19745     Nylube Oil Return Pump with Flood Control -
25′ Lift – Plastic Tube Check Valve
N 1794    MEI Wagner Oil Return Pump with Flood Control -
100′ Lift – Plastic Tube Check Valve
O 22356     Vator Oil Return Pump with Flood Control = 100′ Lift -
One Way Full Flow Check Valve
P 17015     Copper Tubing Kit for Oil Return Pump
(50′ Tubing with Fittings)
Q 22371     Controller Field Mounting Kit


Power Unit Installation Kit




MEI’s Power Unit installation kit has you covered with everything you will need… oil line fittings to electrical supplies that allows you to successfully complete your power unit installation.


    • No more trips away from the jobsite to gather materials
    • One stop shop instead of ordering through multiple vendors
    • Reduction in elevator downtime
    • Improves field efficiencies
    • Improves profitability
    • All items come conveniently shipped inside your new power unit


Simply ask for MEI’s job specific installation kit with your next power unit order.

For a complete list of materials, please contact MEI.






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