Total Elevator Solution

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MEI is the Total Elevator Solution. We combine all the best elements of elevator engineering and maintenance with an unwavering commitment for excellent service and customer satisfaction. No matter the challenge or the requirements, MEI provides a one-stop-shop for elevator manufacturing, delivery, installation, preventative maintenance, repair and much more.

What sets us apart from other elevator services?

MEI adds Value through Great Service and Project management. 
           •  MEI has five customer support teams. This specialization results in better service for our customers.

Our project management process is designed with the customer in mind.

MEI adds Value through Equipment Design and Manufacturing.  

How about our:

  • Comprehensive Solutions - When teaming up with MEI, you don’t have to go anywhere else! We provide everything you will need.

  • Personal Service – We don’t see just contracts and clients. We see relationships. These relationships are worth nurturing for years to come with a legacy of personal support.

  • Fast Response – We not only integrate the latest technology with our elevator solutions, but we are constantly evolving our development and management processes for optimal performance.

  • Superior Customer Support – Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

  • Mechanic-Friendly Approach – We understand what mechanics require to attain an efficient elevator installation. A streamline the process makes it as easy as possible to comprehend and install any elevator application.

  • Made in the USA” Products – Faster response times, higher-quality materials and no communication gaps.


MEI’s 40+ years of experience in the elevator industry provides us with an unparalleled ability to handle custom passenger and freight elevator projects.


Regardless of project size or design, MEI pledges a total commitment from start to finish.




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