MEI is Installation friendly

MEI is installation friendly

Your Mechanics will Thank You!

While MEI does install and service elevators in the Midwest, MEI also manufactures and provides equipment to Elevator Contractors throughout North America. With our elevator contractor background and installation experience MEI has designed our equipment to be as Mechanic-friendly as possible.

What does this mean?

Because we started and remain an elevator contractor, we are intimately familiar with all the challenges any mechanic can face when installing an elevator.

We ensure that when the elevator application you commission from us is designed and delivered, your mechanics have everything they need to make the installation and servicing process as flawless and streamlined as possible.

The elevator package will include everything necessary for the mechanic to break it down into its most basic components, put it all back together again, install, and maintain the application. This way, you don’t have to worry about confusing instructions, unfamiliar equipment, or having to hire a separate contractor just to get your elevator in place.

Plus, if your mechanics require any follow-up support during any stage of the elevator application installation, monitoring, servicing, or otherwise, our stellar customer support team is always on hand to answer their questions and eliminate any concerns.

This is just another example of the higher standards and personal service that sets MEI apart from smaller providers who can’t offer comprehensive elevator solutions or the larger corporations that can’t address individual client needs and custom projects.

Schedule your free consultation today with one of our expert elevator technicians and invest in MEI’s total elevator solutions!


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