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MADE IN THE USE American Owned and Operated

Proud to be Made in the USA

Patriotic pride isn’t limited to just the 4th of July or Election Days. It imbues our entire production and installation process and impacts our level of quality and service for the better.


Why go with “Made in the USA”?

The truth is, when choosing an elevator provider, you could find someone who offers cheaper services in other countries. But recognize that choosing such a provider leaves you at risk for:

  • Product Failure – When your elevator ends up needing servicing, how are those overseas companies going to handle your immediate need?
  • Quality Assurance – Even if you luck out and get a decent initial elevator application delivered, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive equally performing ones going forward.
  • Delivery Delays – When the company isn’t in the same country as you, there can be significant delays in delivering products.
  • Low Responsiveness – From dealing with poor English and other communication gaps, you’ll have to struggle with time zone coordination, which causes further response delays if your elevator application ever needs maintenance or repair.

That’s why it’s vital to invest in the best! What does our “Made in the USA” approach mean for you?

  • Superior Service – Our customer service time is on standby to address any job site challenges that may arise.
  • Speedy Response – While it can take up to 80 days for boat shipments to arrive, as a result of job site product failures, we’ll engineer a solution and will manufacture our product at our facility to minimize any delays in the installation process.
  • Higher Standards – We hold ourselves accountable to all our end products and work hard to exceed all federal, government, and industry regulations.
  • Higher Quality – Because we maintain close relationships with all our suppliers and vendors, we know that the materials we work with are the best available—which directly translates into superior products for our clients!

Not only that, but MEI is committed to giving back to the country that has supported its decades of growth and success. We enjoy being able to reinvest in the US economy and US-based educational efforts, all while offering more employment opportunities in local and national communities.

Contact MEI today and experience our “Made in the USA Total Elevator Solutions!


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