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Discover the Flexible Difference

When it comes to servicing or repairing your elevator, MEI are the people you want to think of when your elevator is down. With over 42 years of experience, you can trust our engineers will meet your standards with the health and safety codes needed. We will also work closely with you to ensure your elevator is back up and running ASAP.

At MEI – Total Elevator Solutions, our goal is to deliver expert engineering, quality equipment, and excellent customer service. With this in mind, we have the ability to adapt to your unique elevator requirements, your schedule, and your budget without compromising any of our service values.

MEI is determined to provide the best service available, no matter what unique obstacles a job site might pose or what requirements a client has. How do we manage it?

  • Flexible Contracts – Our contracts keep you in control with clear cancellation terms, so clients know they have the freedom to match our services with their budget and schedule at all times.
  • Competitive Prices – We bring the best value to our pricing plans that are based on customer and equipment usage, and clients know upfront how much the application will cost so there’s no surprise at the end.
  • Personal Monitoring – Our mechanics will be physically on the scene to monitor and maintain your elevators, so you don’t have to rely on some impersonal remote team that is slow to react to your needs.
  • Human Interface – Our staff is composed of specialists with diverse experience in the industry and will be candid and personable when it comes to addressing your service needs.
  • Quality Control – We keep a sharp eye on all stages of elevator application manufacturing, which happens locally and isn’t outsourced overseas. Plus, we perform numerous on-site equipment audits.
  • Ongoing Transparency – Our business is established on long-term partnerships, not quick-fix profits or fly-by-night business. We remain open and honest about all our methods and the expectations you can hold us to.
  • Decentralized Teams – With our decentralized business units, you can experience faster response times and troubleshooting resolutions no matter where you are in the country.

More reasons to Choose MEI

Why Choose MEI For Repairing your Elevator– Reputation of outstanding customer service

  • Account Manager assigned to help you understand your elevator needs
  • Highly Skilled, Trained, Experienced Elevator Technicians
  • Technicians Available 24/7 to minimize downtime
  • Service Packages tailored to the needs and usage of your equipment
  • Local company

Repair/ Service Contract Benefits:

Minimize Liability, Costs and Elevator Downtime…

  • Extend the life of the elevator equipment and protect the major investment the building has made.
  • Proper preventive maintenance helps eliminate costly service callbacks.
  • Proactive Approach directs attention to potential problem areas before more extensive and expensive repairs become necessary.

Other Trusted Recommendations could save you future services:

  • You may be able to solve your problems by modernizing your existing elevator. MEI can make your old, out-dated elevator
  • Have a faster, more comfortable ride
  • Have greater efficiency with newer design systems
  • Be safer, by making the elevator code compliant
  • Have a more appealing appearance by refitting the cab with new floors and ceilings

What else…

  • We can perform the required safety and pressure tests.
  • We maintain service log sheets in each elevator machine room. Provide Repair Recommendations to help eliminate emergency repairs

     These logs register the date of each visit.

     The specific service that was completed

     Name of the service technician

     This provides valuable information to the building personnel as well as elevator mechanics responding to service calls

We work on all different types of manufacturer’s equipment and would be happy to perform a no cost survey to determine the best service contract solution for your facility.

Contact us for your free consultation or elevator assessment.


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