Submersible Power Unit

Submersible Power Units

Sub Power Unit

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Power Unit Sizes
Model Width Depth Height Motors Transferable
SS-29 41″ 20- 3/4 38″ Single 35 gal.
SS-88 51″ 24- 3/4 47″ Single 80 gal.
SS-88 Tall 51″ 24- 3/4 53″ Single 109 gal.
ST-109 51″ 34″ 50- 3/8 Single or Tandem 127 gal.
ST-109 Tall 51″ 34″ 56- 3/8 Single or Tandem 167 gal.
ST-200 63″ 34″ 55- 5/8 Single or Tandem 204 gal.
ST-200 Tall 63″ 34″ 61- 5/8 Single or Tandem 255 gal.

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Exceptionally Clean

  • Your machine room stays spotless, since all components are mounted inside the tank.

Attractive Compact Design

  • The MEI submersible power unit is small enough to fit through most machine room doorways.

Quiet Operation

  • Silencer is mounted inside the tank.

  • Imo Pump
  • Imperial Motor – Maximum 50 HP Per Motor; Up to 2 Motors
  • 80 Starts Per Hour Motor
  • Maxton Valve
  • Compact Silencer with Pneumatic Noise Suppression
  • Oil Level Dip Stick
  • Isolation Between the Pump/Motor Assembly and the Tank
  • Victaulic Fittings
  • MEI Oil Cooler Ready
  • Seismic Compliant
  • Oil Temperature Sensor (ASME 2010 Code Only)

  • Dover Muffler
  • Loadweigh Switch
  • Thermostat
  • Oil Level Sight Gauge with Thermometer (on tank)
  • Pressure Gauge (mounted on valve)
  • Low Oil Level Switch (in tank)
  • Low Pressure Switch (required if hack head is above power unit)
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil Return Pump
  • Vent/Fill Strainer
  • Down Speed Regulated Valve
  • 120 SPH (up to 40 HP)
  • Drain Valve
  • Overflow Connection
  • Frame to Floor Isolation
  • Your Company Logo on the Tank Upon Request
  • Blaine Valve (for low and high pressure applications)
  • Extended 3 Year Warranty Available 


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